My favorite movie

As a basketball player, I watch a lot of basketball movies. But ‘Coach Carter’ is definitely my favorite.

Coach Carter accepts a job to coach the basketball team at his former high school, Richmond High. He takes the job to change the poor neighborhood and the student athletes on their basketball team. He makes the athletes sign a contract with strict rules. But he notices from the progress reports that most of his athletes were doing poor academically. He has to get the attention of his athletes. But the consequences cause commotion and outraged the athletes, the school, and most of the community.

This movie is very inspiring to me. It shows a lot of life lessons. I have listed some of my favorite lessons:

Winning doesn’t mean everything. Having fun and learning is far more important than winning. Of course it is fun to win, you can have fun an learn while losing.

Your team is a unit. If you don’t play like a team, you can’t make progress. Sometimes being a team can defeat players who don’t play like a team.

Education is important. Like coach Carter said: ‘they are called student athletes. Student comes before athletes.’ Education and knowledge is important for the rest of your life. Sport is not everything.

Have you watched ‘Coach Carter‘? Which sport do you play?


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