Glow up and self care

First of all, how are you all doing? These are crazy times and I think we should look after each other and ourself. So today I am sharing my self care glow up tips you can do while dealing with coronavirus.

  • Work out or take a walk. Check out blogilates for amazing workouts.
  • Take a bath. Just relax, put in a bathbomb and listen to some music.
  • Wash your hair or do a new hairstyle. Maybe try someone new, just have fun with it.
  • Shave. I really like shaving, just feeling my soft legs and putting lotion on them.
  • Put on a face mask. It will help to clean your face and with acne.
  • Put on a cute outfit. Looking good can definitely effect your mood.
  • Change your piercings. Just change it up a little.
  • Epilate, it can change up your eyebrows and make them look clean.
  • Do your nails. Cut them, paint them, do whatever you want.
  • Drink a lot of water. Being hydrated is so important for your body. And it can also help with acne.
  • Eat a healthy meal. It will make you feel healthy. And I don’t care if you eat a little chocolate after.

Do you have any glow up tips? What is your favorite glow up tip?


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