Old friendships

So yesterday I was FaceTiming with my best friends. One of my friends told me that one of my teammates didn’t know if I liked her. I have known that teammate for 6 years and we would hang out a lot. But then I switched gyms and we wouldn’t speak each other that much. But last year she switched to my gym and we became teammates again.

At my current gym I met my best friends (who I was FaceTiming). But when my old teammate came to my gym, I felt like we lost our friendship. I was still pretty close with her but I would hang with my best friends more.

So when my best fried told me that my teammate didn’t know if I liked her, I felt strange. It is hard to explain. I thought that we were fine, that we were still friends.

I have the feeling that everyone has to like me. But then I keep this quote in mind: Not everyone has to like you, but not everybody matters.

But the point is that I do care. And I don’t know why. Why do I feel like everyone has to like me?

I haven’t heard of my teammate in a while, so I texted her how she was. I hope I can make her feel like I still care about her.

Do you care about how other people feel about you? How do you deal with people that don’t like you?


3 thoughts on “Old friendships

  1. Such a relatable post!! I get so upset when some people don’t seem to like me and I always try my hardest to get them to like me. Something that has helped me cope with this is what my father once said: “Not everyone is going to like you and sometimes there’s nothing you can do”. That doesn’t mean I don’t still try(because I do) but, its something important to remember. Everyone does matter so it is also important to treat them well even if they may never like you.
    Thanks for sharing this and I really hope your teammate replies!! It was very sweet of you to send out a message to show her you still care. I’m sure she’ll be happy to receive such a nice message 😉


      1. All you can do is try and it’s great that you reached out to her and that she responded 😉


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