Dear fake friends

Dear fake friends,

We’re should I start…

I think it is clear for everyone. I am not your best friend, I am the outsider of the friend group. At school you act like you care about me. But we all know that’s not true.

I don’t even know where it went wrong.

6 years ago. That’s the moment we met, the moment we became friends. We were so close, a tight friend group. But throughout the years that has changed. Hanging out together, texting in a separate group chat, all without me. I felt we were losing our friendship. When you were talking about the future together, I know I wasn’t part of it.

I was always there for you. I know I’m not perfect. But I always asked how you were, I comforted you when you were sad. But I never got something in return. In the beginning I was trying my hardest. I was hoping you guys would do something for me, give the same energy back. But that moment never came. All the times I have cried, all those nights I was awake. But it has to stop sometime. And that time is now. But know that for me, losing you is not a loss.



2 thoughts on “Dear fake friends

  1. My heart broke reading this!I’m sorry that your friends are fake but, I’m glad that your moving on and realizing that you are better than them and don’t need them! I know what’s it like to always be there for someone but they’re not there in return. It sucks and once again I’m sorry that you had to through that!
    I have had my fair dealings with fake friends. I had a BFF since first grade to about fifth grade and one day she just stopped talking to me. She started hanging out with the more “popular kids” and just left me in the dust. The other girls in my grade(who were also my “friends”) stopped talking to me and hung out only with my former BFF. When our parents were around she would pretend we were still friends and I would hang on to those brief moments. Though in the end, I realized, you don’t want friends who are only around for appearances.
    Thanks for sharing this(it was personal and must have been hard to write) and if you ever want to chat, hit me up on my email(! I would love to chat some more;)


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