My gap year

Next school year, I am taking a gap year. I feel like the last few years I have never put myself first. So this year is all about putting myself first.

What am I going to do?

There are a couple of big things I am going to do:

  • Going to Spain for 3 months. I am going to an international school to improve my Spanish. There is an activity program apart from the school. I will be staying in a host family and I am so pumped!
  • Working. I am going to work a lot to pay for Spain. But also to save up for later and get more life experience.
  • Basketball. I will be playing basketball with a new team. And I am going to train kids under the age of 12 years. Right now I am training the kids on an outside court. It is really exciting because I have trained these kids for 2 years already but then I had to take a break. But its good to be back!
  • Getting my drivers license. I am preparing for my test and I’m planning to get it in September.

What do I want to learn?

  • Loving myself. I want to learn to love my body and love the way I am.
  • Be more independent. After my gap year I am planning on probably moving out.
  • Spend less time on a screen. I am already reducing my screen time because I was way to much on my phone. But I want to reduce it more.

The main reason I am going to take a gap year is to enjoy my last few years as a teenager.

Are you taking a gap year after high school? What do you want to study?


2 thoughts on “My gap year

  1. I wish I could take a gap year but, I couldn’t go back to school after a gap year. I’ve also always wanted to go to Spain and I’m hoping you the best of times on your gap year ;)!


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