How I deal with bad mental health

During my freshman year in high school started to got really bad back pain. This, and other factors, impacted my mental health a lot. I was mentally exhausted.

I had a lot of bad days where I only went to school for 4 hours. I missed out on my social life, my sports and school work.

Right now, my mental health is a LOT better. Some days, I still struggle with my mental health but I am much happier. Because I know I am not the only one who can struggle with mental health I wanted to share how I improved my mental health.

  • Talk with someone. Because I started to have really bad back pain I went to a physical therapist once a week. We would also talk about my mental health and it really helped me to share my struggles with someone.
  • Keep a diary. I still write in my diary sometimes. I didn’t write everyday but whenever I felt like it. It is great to write your thoughts out on paper.
  • Don’t go on social media a lot. I would always go on Pinterest and search deep things. But then I would always feel worse after it. The same with music. Whenever I listen to sad music, I will become sad.
  • Surround yourself with good people. It can be really hard to distance yourself from fake friends. When the quarantine started I became more distant to my school friend. I knew they weren’t my ‘real’ friends. Not dealing with drama and all of that. I became more happy and my mental health also improved.

How do you deal with your mental health? How are you feeling today?


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