I Still Believe (movie)

I think I might have a new favorite movie. Yesterday I went to the movie ‘I Still Believe’ and I absolutely loved it.

The romantic movie is about about a musician, Jeremy Camp (KJ Apa). His dream is to become a singer-songwriter. When he goes off to college and meets music artist Jean-Luc, that dream seems to become reality. On campus, he also meets Melissa Lynn Henning (Britt Robertson) and they fall in love. Shortly after their first date, Melissa is diagnosed with cancer. Their relationships is developing but there are a lot of questions unanswered.

Although KJ Apa is my celebrity crush, that’s not why I like this movie so much. If your reading this KJ send me a dm. The movie is full of life lessons (which I really liked). Like follow your dreams, trust God and follow your heart.

The story is based on a real life story. Which made it much more realistic. This movie is not like those cliche romantic movies.

I would recommend this movie to everyone. It is so good! I think I am going to watch it again next week haha.

Tip: The movie is very emotional, so don’t put on mascara before watching.

If you want to watch the trailer click here. If you want to listen to I Still Believe click here.


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