About me

Welcome to my blog!

You see this girl? Well, that’s me.

I’m a 16 years old girl who loves to write, play basketball and make music. I like to be creative and travel the world. And as any other teenager, I deal with my own struggles. I am a big perfectionist, struggle with health problems and sometimes my thoughts can be too much (that’s why I like to write).

I am a senior in high school (I am graduating early). And lot of people ask me, what are you going to do next year? Actually, I don’t know. I am deciding between physical therapy or human movement sciences. But for now, I am thinking of taking a gap year.

So why did you start a blog, you may ask.

My whole life, I loved to write stories. I even wanted to become a writer. But it took a while for me to start this blog. I always wanted to but never made it happen. Then I asked myself: why wouldn’t I just give it a go.

On this blog I am going to write about real life. Everything I face in my daily life, the good and the bad (I hope more good than bad).

I hope you enjoy reading my post!