This week did not go to plan, AT ALL.

This week, I was supposed to take finals for some classes. On Wednesday I didn’t have school and on Thursday and Friday I had to take my finals.

So it was Wednesday and I was studying hard. At my school, we use iPad. But they give me headaches. Because I was studying hard, in the evening I had a huge headache and was feeling a little sick. I decided to go to bed early so I wouldn’t be sick on Thursday.

I had a rough night and didn’t sleep well. When it was morning, I was laying in my bed still with a headache. I heard my mom wake up and decided to get some medicine. While I was taking my medicine I felt really strange. I was dizzy and nauseous and I needed to lay down. I was walking back to my bedroom when everything went black.

I fainted. Luckily my mom was right there with me. She woke up my dad. They were really worried because they didn’t know what was happening. They carried me in my room because I fell against my door. After a minute they called an ambulance while inwas still blacked out.

Before the ambulance arrived, I woke up. I felt really strange and didn’t know what happened. The ambulance came and they checked me. But they said there wasn’t anything to worry about. Probably a virus combined with stress. Later that day, the doctor come to my house because I still couldn’t get out of my bed. He confirmed it was probably a virus and stress.

This week was a rollercoaster. Now, Sunday, I feel a lot better. I still feel sick but not nauseous anymore. I have to retake my finals in two weeks. But for know all I am doing is resting.

Did you ever fainted? Have you seen anyone faint?


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