It looks like this week was full of friends drama.

This week I had to take a test. One of my friends lost a paper with exam questions. With these exam questions we could practice for our test. She asked me if I could send them to her. When I got home, I forgot about it. She asked on WhatsApp if I could send them to her but I didn’t read it until the next morning. I texted her I would bring it to school with me. She ended up being sick. Because I had another test that day, I wasn’t really focused on sending it to her.

When I got home from school I would send it to her. But then I got a message from her telling me she was disappointed in me for not sending it to her. I said I didn’t read her text that day before and hadn’t any time to send it to her. After that text I send photos of the paper to her. She told me she didn’t believe that I hadn’t read her text. I told her that I really didn’t. And said that I was disappointed that it went that way.

The next day, the day of the test, I told her I was really sorry for how it went. I said she could also texted anyone else. She told me she didn’t want to text two people. But I think she knew deep down that I was right and I didn’t do anything wrong.

Then this morning, there was an extra shift at work. Me and my friend both wanted to work. I texted my boss if I could work but she texted someone who was already working. My boss and our co-worker both texted us we could work. The was an miscommunication because there was only one shift. She got a text first form our co-worker. After her text, I got a text from my boss that I could work. My friend texted our boss, and I ended up getting the shift. But I feel like my friend was disappointed.

It was hard because who deserved the shift? The one who got the text first? Or the one who texted our boss?

How do you deel with trouble?


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