Drivers permit

Guess who got their drivers permit? Me!

Yesterday I had my driving test. I have studied very hard because I really wanted to pass the first time. I did a lot of practice test where I failed a lot of times which made me really nervous.

My parents could go inside the building because of Covid. I had to go to the front desk and register. It was very quiet in the waiting room. After five minutes of waiting I could go into the room.

I told myself I had to calm down because I did the best I could. the test went pretty well and I thought I would barely fail or barely pass. I finished my test. And… I passed! On my knowledge part I even scored a 100%!

I was so happy I could believe it. I left the building to go to my parent. I had a big smile on my face so they could tell immediately I passed.

I am very excited to get my drivers license and can’t wait to go on road trips with my friends.

Do you have your drivers license? When are you planning on getting your drivers license?


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