Gap year update

My gap year has officially started as the new school year arrived. The corona virus ruined my original plans so I had to make some new ones.

If the corona virus didn’t exist, I would be in Spain right now. I would go to an international school to learn Spanish. But that’s not happening. I still hope I can go in March. I keep being positive and make the best of it.

Last month, I found a second job. I still work 2 days at my local library. But 3 full days I will work at an archive. It is not my dream job but for the time being it’s okay. I can make a lot of hours there. I will keep looking around for a better job.

Then my basketball practice has started again. I am going to play basketball 4 times a week. And I am so excited! Today I gave my first practice with my children. I was a little nervous but it went very well.

I have a busy schedule but I am going to keep the weekend to myself. I am stoked to begin a new chapter and I feel like I have learned a lot so far.

How is you school year so far? Are you doing online school or in person?


One thought on “Gap year update

  1. I’m doing a hybrid for school this year that consists of both online and in person classes.
    I’m jealous that your taking a gal year but, it’s too bad that COVID 19 is running your plans! Hopefully you can can go to Spain in the spring, I hear it’s a beautiful country and the food is amazing 😂😉wow, basketball four times a week! Are you teaching to you children?

    Have a great gap year, it already sounds like your doing quite a bit!


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